F is for Father's Day Breakfast

Here in Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.  Which means I am trying to decide on gifts for hubby and grandad (it’s grandad’s birthday the day before too!), find things Bear and Bee can make for their dad as well as coming up with some kid friendly recipes for them to help prepare.

After much internet searching, pinterest exploring and magazine reading I have narrowed it down to 2 recipes – 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch that Bear and Bee can help make.  As you may know from a previous post French toast is always a big hit in this household, so when I came across this recipe for French Toast Kebabs on the Martha Stewart website I knew that was what we had to have for Father’s Day breakfast.  Everything tastes better on a stick right? (Especially if you are 2 and a half!).  As for the Father’s Day lunch recipe, you will have to wait until my next post.

Now onto breakfast - I adapted the original recipe to suit our tastes and also to take advantage of the fruit that is in season here.  This is what I came up with:

4 eggs lightly beaten
6 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt (this is optional, you can add slightly more milk if necessary)
Pinch of nutmeg
½ loaf of unsliced bread (any type white, wholemeal or wholegrain is fine), crusts removed and cut into 2cm cubes
2 tablespoons of unsalted butter or low salt margarine
2 bananas, peeled and sliced about 1cm thick
1 punnet strawberries, washed and hulled
Maple syrup
Bamboo skewers

Here’s what we did:
Cut up the bread and the fruit.
Cutting up bread for french toast kebabs

Young girl peeling a banana for french toast kebabs.
It's a na-na!

Young girl slicing up banana for french toast kebabs.
Whisked together the eggs, milk, yoghurt and nutmeg.
Young girls cracking eggs for french toast kebabs recipe
Our egg cracking skills are improving.

Whisking the egg mixture for french toast kebabs recipe
Whisking together the eggs, milk and yoghurt.
Grating nutmeg for the french toast recipe
Grating the whole nutmeg
Added the bread cubes to the egg mixture and stirred gently.
Adding bread cubes to egg mixture for french toast kebabs

Mixing the bread and egg mixture for french toast kebabs

(The following steps need to be completed by an adult)
Heated a large frypan over medium heat and melted 1 tablespoon of butter.
Drained half of the bread cubes a little and placed in the pan.  Cooked until browned on all sides, turning occasionally with tongs or a spatula.
Removed cooked toast from the pan and placed onto a paper towel lined plate.
Repeated the above steps for the remaining bread cubes.

Threaded some toast and fruit onto the skewers. Make sure the toast has cooled a little before your child touches it.
Threading fruit and toast for french toast kebabs

Served with maple syrup straight away to a happy daddy.

French toast kebabs

What are you planning to cook for Father’s Day?

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