A is for Allergy-free cooking

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While Bear and Bee are yet to show any signs of food allergies I am careful about what they eat.  Bee has a sensitivity to salt.  If she eats it on too many foods ie. hot chips, salted peanuts, potato chips etc in a short space of time she gets a red rash on her face and her eczema is exacerbated and it reappears on her legs and tummy. 

In an effort to come up with new dishes that Bear and Bee will actually try I found this book by the Australian Women's Weekly Allergy-free cooking for kids in our local public library and it includes lots of great recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. I think it is important for children to not only try as many foods as possible but also to try variations of those foods.  Flour made from brown rice, polenta and ground nuts are examples of alternative ingredients used in place of regular ones.

The Allergy-free cooking for kids book is full of delicious and interesting recipes. I can't wait to try them.  These are the ones on my to try list so far -

Hoisin and barbecue chicken rolls (dairy free)
Cranberry chewies made with almonds and dried cranberries (gluten free)
Coconut custard tarts (gluten free)
Polenta-coated chicken (gluten free)
Pizza pinwheels made using potatoes, potato flour and brown rice flour (gluten free)

Raspberry cheesecake slice (gluten free)
Fruity macaroons (dairy free)

Follow my blog and find out which ones Bee and Bear cook and (hopefully) enjoy eating.

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Allergy Free Cooking for Kids


  1. I have seen this cook book around and thought it would be good to pick up as many of our kids' friends do have allergies. Look forward to seeing hot the recipes test on your kids.