G is for Gadgets: Retro and Vintage

I know this is going to sound really daggy but I am so excited about my new cooking gadget.  My mum and I were shopping last week in a kitchen supply store and we spotted this little beauty. 
Tala cooks dry measure
A Tala cook's dry measure. It measures lots of different dry ingredients by volume and weight in both imperial and metric. 

My Mum got one when she was married and she still uses it to this day. And Mum and Dad are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year!  It is such a simple but effective design.
Tala cooks dry measure

Now Bear, Bee and I can easily follow my Mum's and my Grandma's recipes with out having to do tricky measurement conversions.

My Uncle also recently passed on one of my Grandma's cooking gadgets that she used a lot.
Vintage biscuit maker
It's a biscuit maker.  You put the biscuit dough in the metal tube and use the wooden rod to push the dough through and make different shapes.  You can change the fitting on the end to change the shapes that are made. The wooden rod also doubles as an extra rolling pin in our house, which is handy to have when you have two enthusiastic toddler cooks wanting to help cook.

I love having these links to special people from my life and love being able to pass their stories onto Bear and Bee. 

What retro or vintage gadgets do you have in your kitchen that you love?


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