Top 5 Cooking with Kids apps 2012

Why do a post on apps about cooking rather than an actual hands on cooking experience I hear you ask? Well it is not always possible to do some hands on cooking with your child and there are also times that you need to keep them busy ie waiting at the bank, at the doctor's etc.  So I thought I would give you a list of the 5 best apps that are based on cooking with children or food and nutrition for children. All these apps are available through iTunes.

 1. Cookie Doodle by Shoe the Goose This is a great app for kids of all ages.  You start by choosing either to make your cookie dough from scratch or to use a premised version.  Then there is rolling outmthe dough and the cookie cutter shapes to choose from. Once the cookies are baked they can be frosted (iced), piped and sprinkles and candies added. The finished creations can be 'eaten' , stored in a cookie jar or turned into a jigsaw puzzle.  Bee absolutely loves this app and I love how she get to crack eggs, sift flour, pour in milk, cut up butter all without any mess in the kitchen.

2. Awesome Eats by Fun Machine in partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation.  In this game your child works through stages learning about different foods.  The first chapter is all about sorting fruits and vegetables on conveyor belts into baskets. I was amazed how quickly Bee could recognise new fruits after using this game.  We  were grocery shopping the day after first using this game and Bee picked out a mango and named it never having eaten mango before.

3. Toca Kitchen by Toca Boca This app is all about pretend play cooking.  There are 4 characters that your child can choose from to feed. The fridge is full of different foods and the kitchen equipment ranges from a frying pan, to a knife and a food processor.  No more cardboard or plastic sandwiches for you to eat. Your child can feed their creations to the cat or the buffalo! Bee loves putting things in the food processor and the trying to feed the results to the characters.  Apparently, according to Bee, cats love minced fish and people love minced sausage!

4.Cake Doodle by Shoe the Goose. This is just as good as Cookie Doodle with a few more skills thrown in.  With a great range of instant cakes and cakes to make from a recipe, your child is bound to have a lot of fun creating and decorating their masterpieces.

5. Recipes for Kids by Asad Shah. This app is for you.  No more looking for inspiration for what to cook for your child.  This app is packed with great recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner. You have the option of editing the ingredient lists and sending the recipes via email, SMS and Facebook.

What is your child's favourite foodie app?

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