R is for Recipe Cards

I have to apologise for being a little lax with keeping the threefootcooks blog up to date lately.  I put it down to a post Christmas/turning 40 slump.  I have been busy organising the menu plan for the next few months (finally done!), and preparing for hubby to go back to work after his summer break (he is also starting more post graduate study this year so that should make things even busier as a family).

Bee has been pestering me to take her to ‘ballerina school’ so I have enrolled her and Bear in tiny tots dance classes starting the end of this month – I can’t wait to see them dressed up in their leotards and skirts.

Anyway back to the blog – while we have still been cooking and blogging as part of The Kids Cook Monday campaign we haven’t done much else in the way of shared food preparation.  I do have lots of plans for the upcoming year though!  One thing I have been wanting to work on, is making the blog more user friendly.  I will be creating cooking and food related printables that will be available each month to download for free. 

And I realised recently that I need to make the threefootcooks recipes easier to use if you want to try them with your child.  So I did some research and found out how to create printable recipe cards.  All of the new posts containing recipes will feature a printable recipe card in pdf format and I will be going back and updating past posts over the next few months, to include cards with them.

If you have any suggestions for things you would like us to cook here at threefootcooks let me know and I will endeavour to include them.

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