P is for Play More Games

Bear and Bee are starting to be interested in playing traditional board and card games like Snakes and Ladders and Snap. I am hoping we will be able to foster this interest while camping this week and have a tv and mostly electronic free few days. With so many wonderful apps for children and educational online games it can be easy to forget about all the great games that don't require batteries.

Play more games

Teaching children to play games helps them learn many skills such as turn taking, counting, planning ahead, communication and problem solving as well as the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends.

While I can't think of any board games involving food, there are lots of food related party games that you can play with your children. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Kitchen scavenger hunt
Give your children a list of items to find in your kitchen and pantry. For younger children you might like to take photos of the items. For older children you could set a time limit. It would be fun to create the hunt list using the items from a recipe. Once the hunt is finished you and your child can then make the recipe together.

The chopstick challenge
For this game all you need is a bowl of lollies such as smarties, maltesers, m&ms or gummy bears, nuts or breakfast cereal like Cheerios and a pair of chopsticks for each person. For younger children you can get chopsticks that are joined together at the top to make them easier to use. The harder and shinier the objects to be picked up the greater the challenge.

Food memory
This is a foodie version of the classic memory or concentration game. Find pairs of food items such as apples, oranges, baked beans tins etc. Hide them in a grid pattern under some plastic (not see through ones) cups and challenge your child to find the pairs.

Build em up
Using carrot sticks, bread sticks and pretzel sticks your child can try to build the tallest tower. Add in marshmallows and gum drops for flexible joints and watch the super structures grow.

Calling all super chefs
Host your own version of Masterchef, iron chef or ready steady cook. Provide your child with 4 or 5 ingredients and challenge them to create an original snack. You never know what they'll come up with! Set up the video camera or take photos to add to the excitement.

What games do you like to play with your child?

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