C is for Celery Prints

Carving potatoes to make prints is familiar to most of us from our primary school days. However I am starting to see more and more creative ways of using other types of vegies to make great prints with paint.

Flowers prints made using radicchio stems look great. Have a look at this idea from Martha.

Radicchio are a little hard to get here at the moment so when I saw this post on the Parentella site using celery to make prints that look a little like roses I knew it would be fun to try.

Celery Prints
Supplies for celery prints

I followed Wendy's steps but as with all things involving children they didn't quite turn out as planned. I think next time I need a larger (more mature) bunch of celery and will cut it further up the stems.  I did think the smaller bunch of celery would be easier for Bear and Bee to hold but the flower shape wasn't as clear.  That's not to say the girls didn't have fun.  Bee immediately bypassed the celery stalks for the leaves which she had a lot of fun with.  At the moment Bee is loving painting the whole sheet of paper and mixing colours so this worked out perfect for her.

Celery Prints  
Print and swish!

Celery Prints

Bear on the other hand is not as keen on getting paint on her hands so she was happy to stick to printing and filled most of the sheet of paper.  I was going to use the print for Mother's Day gifts but now I think I will keep them for another project.  Maybe I will cut out sections and use them, with a little embellishment, to make thank you cards.

Celery Prints

What foods do you incorporate into craft activities for your child?

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