M is for Menu Plan Week 3 Campstyle

Setting up camp
Setting up camp

I haven't created a regular menu plan for this week as our family is going camping tomorrow.  Instead I have linked to recipes for some of the meals and snacks we are going to cook this week - some for the first time.

Breakfasts will include cereal and toast as usual but since we are on holidays there will also be pancakes, bacon and egg muffins and scrambled eggs on toast.

With us arriving at the campsite just before lunch tomorrow we will be trying out Tacos in a bag for easy dining.  On other days we will have sandwiches, pita breads and wraps.

I would love to try out some new camping recipes for dinner but many of the ones I am interested in are for cooler weather and wouldn't suit Bear and Bee's tastes at the moment.  So I have bookmarked them for future camping trips.  We are however going to have Meatball Pasta with a salad and crusty bread,  'Gourmet' hot dogs and Chicken Fajitas (on page 32 of the book). 

For snacks we are taking fruit that transports well like apples, trail mix, crackers and vegetables sticks.  For a sweet treat I have packed this Gingerbread and these Malted Milk Chocolate Chip cookies (and are Bee's new favourite cookie) which we baked today.

What are your families favourite foods to take camping?

For more camping food ideas, make sure you have a look at our Camping Pinterest board.

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