M is for Moderation

Photo credit: Scott Ableman

Everything in moderation.  We’ve heard the phrase before but in today’s society it can be very hard to follow.  Moderation is one of the habits I want Bear and Bee to learn.
I firmly believe that moderation, especially in relation to food, is an important habit to have.  I try to eat a healthy diet, but sometimes I indulge in caramel tarts, doughnuts and hot chips.  I love a good coffee so I try to drink plenty of water during the day too.  We eat mostly meals made from scratch but occasionally we eat meals made with convenience products, e.g. bottled sauces or takeaway foods.

With two girls I worry about their teenage years.  I worry about all things that will negatively impact on their self esteem and self worth.  So I hope that by living and teaching them moderation I will be able to fortify them a little for what is to come in the future.

Wendy Blume, from the wonderful blog Vegie Smugglers, writes about living in moderation too.  Have a read of her post Searching For Food Joy.
If you have time, have a look at the HuffPost article that Wendy refers to, 14 Habits Of People With A Healthy Relationship To Food.  Like Wendy, I was encouraged when reading this article to find that I have most of these habits too. I admit that ‘not keeping problematic foods in the house’ and ‘not sitting down with the whole bag’ (habits 7 and 8) are difficult but are things that I always try to do and have for a long time.  It certainly is easier not to overindulge if you don’t have bags of potato chips, lollies and other treats in the pantry.

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