F is for Falafel Burgers for The Kids Cook Monday

F is for Falafel Burgers

I am making an effort to include a least 1 vegetarian dinner meal and 1 fish dinner meal in our weekly menu plan.  We already eat a fairly healthy diet, with everything in moderation but there is room for improvement.  Eating less meat based protein and more fish and seafood is one goal I am going to work on for this year.

For dinner tonight, Bee helped me make Falafel Burgers.  The original recipe can be found here on the Vegie Smugglers blog.  Wendy Blume, the author of Vegie Smugglers, has some fantastic recipes and great ideas for including more vegetables in meals everyday.

F is for Falafel Burgers
Falafel Burgers
Makes 8
Go here for the recipe in full.

I made some slight changes to the recipe to suit our family's tastes.  I left out the ground coriander and the parsley.  I didn't want the flavours to be too strong as Bear and Bee have started trying out new foods more often.  I left out the parsley so there wasn't any green bits for the same reason.

F is for Falafel Burgers
Bee breaking up the bread for breadcrumbs.
F is for Falafel Burgers
Falafel mix

Instead of making 8 full sized patties I made 6 patties and 8 mini patties.  Bear and Bee are more likely to try something if it is a smaller version.  Hence, lately I have been making lots of mini meatballs, mini patties and mini most things.

F is for Falafel Burgers
8 large patties before 2 were divided up to make 8 mini patties.

The original recipe calls for the patties to be baked in the oven.  I fried our patties in a large frying pan over medium high heat with a tiny amount of olive oil.  I wanted to serve our burgers with oven baked chips and found it easier to leave the chips to do their thing in the oven while I cooked the burger patties in the pan.

F is for Falafel Burgers
Mini Falafel Burger

To my surprise (and delight) both Bear and Bee tried their mini burgers without any fuss and hubby actually went back for seconds.  They were delicious and I will be making them a regular dish in our monthly meal plans.

F is for Falafel Burgers
Falafel Burger and Oven baked chips.

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