C is for Christmas Playdough

Christmas Playdough

Playdough that smells like Christmas.  Well sort of.  This Christmas Day Playdough from Nurturestore does smell Christmassy although it is a traditional European Christmas scent.  Orangey, cinnamony and cosy.  Which is really truly lovely. 

I would like to make an Australian Christmas scented playdough but I am not sure how to combine Eucalyptus leaves, hot summer day, beach and barbecues into a smell with out it ending up like a cleaning product!

So this year I am sticking to the Christmas Day playdough.  I also made a batch of Snow Playdough and scented it with Peppermint essence and some Green sparkle playdough using the same base homemade playdough recipe. 

Christmas Playdough

I set them up for Bear and Bee as an Invitation to Play with rolling pins and Christmas themed cookie cutters.

Christmas Playdough

And we also practised our rolling skills and made playdough candy canes.

What is your favourite Christmas scent?

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