C is for Cranberry Fruit Drink Product Review

Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink

Here in the three foot cooks household we have been enjoying a delicious new range of drinks from Ocean Spray.

We were recently sent some of the new Ocean Spray Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink to review.    I regularly use the dried cranberries from Ocean Spray in trail mixes and Christmas recipes we haven't tried the drinks before and I must say that they have been a resounding success.

In North Queensland where we live, as in many parts of Australia, we have been experiencing really high temperatures this summer.  Combined with our normally high humidity here in the tropics it has been a challenge to stay hydrated.

Bear and Bee are fortunate to attend a school with air conditioned classrooms and where they are encouraged to bring water bottles which can be kept in the classroom fridge for easy access.

However after drinking water all day at school both girls prefer to have something else to drink at home with afternoon snacks.  Bee's favourite drink is milk and she has raspberry cordial as a treat while Bear prefers orange juice and soft drink (which she only gets occasionally).  So you can imagine my delight when both girls declared that they love the Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit drink.

Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink
Bear enjoying her drink beside the pool.
Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink
Even though she won't drink other juices Bee loves this one.

The Ocean Spray Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink is such a great swap for high sugar drinks like cordial and soft drinks and even has less calories and sugar than Bear's preferred brand of orange juice.

And I love it too.  This year one of my goals is to consume less sugar which I have been trying to do by cutting back on coffee, tea and soft drinks.  Now I am going to be swapping some of these drinks for the Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink.  With only 10 calories per serve, the Fruit drink is healthier option and it tastes great.

Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink

For more information on Ocean Spray's Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink visit their website here.

We love the Cranberry Fruit Drink so much I have plans for using it in some recipes with Bear and Bee.  Keep watch for my upcoming posts on Berry Frozen Yoghurt Pops for Breakfast and Cranberry Jelly Desserts.

** All reviews are 100% my opinion.**

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