Y is for You should cook with your kids

Why cook with your kids? Why do I cook with my children? This post 16 reasons to cook with kids from Kate at Picklebums got me thinking about why I go to the effort (and somedays a bigger effort is required than others) to cook with Bear and Bee on a regular basis.

Here are my reasons I cook with my children.
Because I love to cook.
Because I love to teach kids how to cook (in a previous career I even taught teenagers how to cook).  Because I love spending uninterrupted time with my kids doing something we all enjoy.
Because I want to pass on skills and family traditions that I learnt from my mother and my grandmother.
Because I want them to love food and know where it comes from.
Because I want them to appreciate food and not get caught up in good food vs bad food (ie. dieting).
Because being able to cook for someone is a way of expressing your love for them.
Because if I don't who will - many schools have dropped cooking and nutrition from their curriculum?
Because it is fun (well most of the time anyway).

Why do you cook with your child?

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