A is for Asian Salad

BBQ Chicken Asian Salad

While the weather is cooling down a little here in North Queensland we don't really get a winter.  Sure the thermometer can hit the low teens during the night but it's not really cold.  It's cold enough for soups and stews but not too cold to enjoy a great salad.  I have been seeing a lot of great salads on blogs in my feedly feed at the moment - a result of the warmer weather in the northern hemisphere I guess. 

This BBQ Chicken Asian Salad recipe from Wendy at Vegie Smugglers is a great salad.  Light, refreshing and easy to pull together.  Everything you need in a busy weeknight dinner recipe.  There's lots of opportunities for the kids to help too and you might even get them to try a new vegetable.

BBQ Chicken Asian Salad

Click here to see the full recipe on the Vegie Smugglers blog.

BBQ Chicken Asian Salad
Bear washing the vegetables for the salad.

If your child is ready to use them, scissors are great for chopping vegies and herbs
Bear chopping up the beans using scissors.
If your child is ready to use them, scissors are great for chopping some vegetables and herbs.  We keep a set of small scissors in the kitchen specifically for food preparation.

BBQ Chicken Asian Salad
Bee helped by juicing the lime. A tricky motor skill that needs practise.

BBQ Chicken Asian Salad
Mixing the dressing in a bottle.
Mix the dressing by shaking the ingredients in a bottle.  Kids love this!  Make sure you use a plastic bottle for younger children or if you are worried they will drop it.

BBQ Chicken Asian Salad
We added chopped peanuts and crunchy noodles for extra crunch.

Feel free to swap the vegetables for ones your family likes.  We added strips of red capsicum as Bee has started eating it.

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