B is for Busy Days

B is for Busy Days

Things have been very quiet here on the blog since the start of the year.  Mind you it's the only place things have been quiet around here.

Bear and Bee have started Prep this year which is the first year of formal schooling here in Queensland.  I went back to work for the first time since the girls were born.  I am very fortunate to have gained a job in the library at the same school as the girls.  It sure makes drop off and pick up a whole lot easier.

It is a brand new school so I have been spending a lot of my own time there getting things organized.  Now that we have a good routine and many of the resources in the library have been processed I plan to spend more time back here on the blog and interacting with you on social media.  I have heaps of ideas for blog posts and lots more on my to do list.

But for now I have a big announcement to make.  I think I have put it off for long enough - not that I meant to put it off! 

If you are a follower of Christie Burnett and the amazing Childhood 101 blog you may have noticed that the three foot cooks have been making regular appearances.  I was so excited when Christie approached me about becoming a regular contributor on Childhood 101.  How cool is that blog?  And such a wealth of information too.  So every 2 months now Bear, Bee and myself will be contributing a guest post to Childhood 101.

So far we have made -


Healthier Vanilla Cupcakes.

Homemade Tortillas for Taco Tuesdays.

Hot Cross Scones.

I will be posting a short extract from each of these guest posts here on the blog.  But make sure you click on the links to take you to the full posts over on Childhood 101.

While you are there check out the other guest contributors.  It is such a fabulous group to be part of.

And keep an eye on our facebook page.  I will let you know when our next guest post is done as well as all our new blog posts. 

I am going to get my act together with the newsletter too so if you subscribe it's an easy way to keep up to date with our cooking adventures.


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