K is for Knives for Children

The thought of knives for children will put fear in the hearts of most parents.  However, chopping is a cooking skill that all children seem to want to be involved in when in the kitchen.  While mixing and pouring are the best skills to start with there will come a time when your child will want to copy you chopping things up.  So what knives for children are the best options?

Butter or table knives are great knives for children for chopping up soft foods like bananas and berries.  But when it comes to firmer foods like mushrooms, carrots and apples you will need to use a knife more suited to the job.

I was very reluctant to let Bear and Bee use a sharp knife, even a small version like a paring knife, was just too dangerous for my liking.  That’s when an Internet search for children's knives yielded some interesting results.

Knives for Children
Knives for children - Bee chopping mushrooms
I ultimately settled on the knives for children from Curious Chef.  They are ergonomically designed for children to use and feature a serrated blade rather than a sharp one and a blunt tip.  While they don’t remove the danger completely (they are recommended for use by children aged 5 years and up) I am comfortable letting Bear and Bee use them with adult supervision.

What child-specific cooking equipment do you use with your child?

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