L is for Learning Tower

The Learning Tower step stool by Little Partners and available in Australia from Learning Tower Australia is my all-time favourite piece of kids cooking equipment.  It has made having two toddlers helping in the kitchen much easier and the best part is the Learning Tower has so many other uses, including a puppet theatre and a pretend play shop.

One child may be able to stand on a chair or regular step stool to work at a kitchen bench but there is no way Bear and Bee could stand next to each other without jostling for the best position which then results in one, or both, of them on the floor.

Learning Tower
Bear and Bee using the Learning Tower
We have had our Learning Tower for over a year now and it is wonderful.  We can get on with cooking minus any stunt work on my part.(As an added bonus Bear loves to climb and this indulges her passion when stuck inside on a rainy day!)

What do you use to make cooking safer with your child?

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