T is for Teepees

Well teepees of green peas actually.  This year I was inspired by the idea of a sweet pea teepee.  There are heaps of ideas on Pinterest.  Basically it is a teepee shaped structure made from bamboo stakes or other long branches or pieces of timber covered in climbing plants.  The thought of Bear and Bee being able to sit inside their own cosy hideout took me back to being a kid and all the hideouts I had with my brothers. 

I decided to plant both green peas and sweet peas around the base of the bamboo structure.  Bee loves to sit in the garden and eat freshly shelled peas. Unfortunately this doesn’t transfer to eating peas for dinner for some reason.  She also loves flowers so why not combine the two?

So far the plants are over 1 metre tall and show no signs of stopping.  A few flowers have even started to appear.  I think next year I will make the whole thing bigger but this is a good size to commit space to in our garden.

Most children’s nutritionists and dieticians recommend growing your own fruit and vegetables with your children in order to get them to try new foods and understand where their food comes from.  Bear and Bee both love the planting and growing side (as well as the discovery of earthworms!) but they still don’t want to eat the lovely tomatoes, beans, corn etc.  Oh well more for me and hubby!

Have you started a vegie garden with your child?

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