O is for Olympic ring biscuits

Well, we were going to make Olympics inspired biscuits using ideas from posts on Tip Junkie and I Can Teach My Child.  However, as anyone who has planned an activity for young children will know, things do not always go to, well, plan. 

I thought I would show Bear and Bee some photos of the Olympic rings biscuits from the blogs above and talk about how they are like the ones used in the sport Daddy has been watching on TV lately.  Bee, in particular, had other ideas.  She saw the biscuits and immediately latched on to the colours. ‘Rainbow biscuits mummy’, was all she kept repeating and when it came to cutting out the biscuit dough there was no way she was using the boring rings.  So I made the Olympic rings biscuits and Bear and Bee made whatever shape they wanted.

Child cutting out biscuits in a kid friendly recipe.
Bear cutting out her biscuit shapes.
We used the World’s best sugar cookie recipe from the I Can Teach My Child blog post for the biscuit dough, some egg rings, small containers and biscuit cutters.

Instead of waiting for the biscuits to cook and cool before being able to ice them, we used the idea of painting the uncooked biscuit shapes first from The Chocolate Muffin Tree using evaporated milk and food colouring.
Child painting biscuit dough shapes.
Bee painting her biscuit dough shapes.

Judging by Bear and Bee’s concentration, this was the best part. I was impressed by how easy the painting was and how good the colours looked even after baking.
Painted Olympic ring biscuit dough shapes.
My attempt at Olympic ring biscuits.

Olympic ring biscuits.
The finished Olympic ring biscuits.
Painted biscuits.
Bear and Bee's painted biscuits.
My tips when making these biscuits: 
  •  Roll the dough out as thin as possible.  It really does puff up a lot. I know it says that in the original post but I didn’t realise just how puffy the cooked biscuits would be.  It didn’t matter to Bear and Bee, though.  They still loved them.
  • Use only a small tin of evaporated milk for the paint – you won’t need the whole tin as the paint goes a long way.

What cooking activity have you done with your child, that didn’t go to plan?

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  1. Love how you went with them on this! And they turned out super pretty - we will have to try the condensed milk trick too :-) Thanks for sharing at Happy lil ❤'s are baking!!