O is for Olympics Dessert

With the Olympics being held in the UK at the moment I decided to make the British dessert, Eton Mess, with Bear and Bee.  It was an opportunity to use some of the beautiful strawberries we got from the Strawberry Fair last weekend as well as combining two of my favourite ingredients, meringues and cream as well as being a great recipe for kids.

As you will see from the photos, Bee was left to cook this by herself (with my help obviously) with Bear having decided that she’d rather spend time with her dad.  So I took this opportunity to just guide Bee through each of the steps and let her do them herself (I had already premade the raspberry sauce). And I am so glad I did. She was so proud of her efforts and couldn’t wait to serve the results to her dad and her sister.

The only downside to this plan was that the dessert looked nothing like Eton Mess (well maybe a melted version of one).  Bee was very enthusiastic with her mixing and loves the colour pink. So when she added the raspberry sauce to the cream and yoghurt and saw that it was turning pink she didn’t want to stop mixing.  The end result still tasted really good.

 The basic recipe for Eton Mess I got from here.  There are lots of different versions out there so feel free to change it.  Instead of meringue nests I used mini meringues.  They were too difficult for Bee to crush so she just put them in whole.  Which was fine as they were bite sized anyway. I didn’t bother putting the raspberry sauce through the food processor either, I just pushed it through a sieve with the back of a spoon.

This is such a good recipe for kids.  There is no heat involved if you pre make the sauce. Or you could use a store bought raspberry sauce instead.  The steps are simple enough for kids to do by themselves and the results look impressive. There is also a good balance of fruit/yoghurt and meringue/cream so you don’t have to stop the kids (or yourself) having seconds.

Cutting strawberries for Eton Mess recipe.
Bee cutting the strawberries.

Mixing yoghurt and cream for Eton Mess recipe.
Mixing the yoghurt and the cream.

Crushing meringues for Eton Mess recipe.
The mini meringues were a little hard to crush.

Plating up the Eton Mess recipe.
Plating up the Eton Mess.


Eton Mess
Our very pink Eton Mess.

Have you tried a no-cook recipe with your child? What was it and how did it turn out?

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