X is for Xmas Slippers for Tinkerbell

Bee decided today that we needed to make biscuits.  I was flipping through an old Christmas edition of a Disney Family Fun magazine at the time when she spied the Tinkerbell Christmas Slippers Cookie page.  And that is what we had to make – then and there – no putting off until tomorrow!

The original recipe made pairs of Tinkerbell slippers out of red and green sugar cookie dough complete with white chocolate buttons for pom poms.  You can see the recipe here on the Disney family.com site. As I needed something quick, we used a foundation biscuit dough recipe out of one of my standby recipe books.  It is similar to a sugar cookie dough and can be used to make lots of different types of biscuits. 

I then had to rustle up some cookie cutters to use to cut out the shoe shapes.  I ended up with a small Number ‘0’cutter and a tiny oval cutter.  And then because I didn’t have any green sanding sugar I suggested we make Periwinkle snowflakes with plain coloured dough and silver sanding sugar.  Bee was hooked! She absolutely loves the new Tinkerbell movie “The Secret of the Wings” so this wasn’t really a hard sell.

Foundation biscuit dough recipe
Cream 125g butter and ½ cup caster sugar. Mix in 1 egg. Gradually stir in 1 and ¾ cups of sifted Self Raising flour to form stiff dough.  Roll out on a floured surface.You may need to chill the dough in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to make it easier to handle.

tinkerbell xmas slippers and snowflakes
We started putting the biscuits straight onto the baking trays but I soon realised that it would be better to put them on a plate before sprinkling on the coloured sugar.  Then we could put them on the trays minus the excess sugar.

tinkerbell xmas slippers and snowflakes
Periwinkle's snowflakes well covered with silver sugar.
tinkerbell xmas slippers and snowflakes
Tinkerbell's slippers also well covered with red sugar!

After the slipper biscuits have cooked and cooled, stick on a white chocolate button with a little icing (I used a red icing writing tube) and voila, a cute pom pom.  The chocolate adds a lovely extra flavour to the biscuits.

tinkerbell xmas slippers and snowflakes

Does your child love making biscuits? You could also use this idea in a previous post about painting biscuits to make some Christmas inspired ones.

What is your favourite Christmas biscuit or cookie?

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