X is for Xmas Candies

Since the start of December we have been following the Creative Christmas Countdown over on the Creative with Kids site. Each day we have been completing a different christmas activity and so far we have made gingerbread people cards, homemade wrapping paper and christmas ornaments. 

Today was a science lesson from Science Sparks on solids and liquids that involved making peppermint candies - tough work hey! Following the instructions we mixed the icing sugar, condensed milk and peppermint extract together and then kneaded it until smooth. 

Christmas Candies

Then we rolled it out on the bench and cut out shapes. The candies then need to go in the fridge for a couple of hours to harden.

Christmas Candies

Once Bear and Bee were done playing (I mean learning) I then experimented with it by colouring a small batch red and then twisting it with the white. Bear really enjoyed the feel of this stuff.

Christmas Candies

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