T is for The Kids Cook Monday

I am very excited to announce threefootcooks has been approached by The Kids Cook Monday campaign to be the first Australian blog to join The Kids Cook movement. The Kids Cook Monday is a fantastic public health initiative that encourages families to set aside Monday nights to cook and eat dinner together as a family. As you would know if you have been following my blog, I am a firm believer in all the benefits that cooking with your kids can provide.  For more information on The Kids Cook Monday campaign check out their website here.

Each Monday, threefootcooks will bring you a recipe for a family dinner that is suitable for you to cook with your child/ren. As we usually do on three foot cooks it will be a recipe that Bear and Bee have helped prepare and there will be plenty of photos to show you what to do. Hopefully over time you will find a dish that inspires you to cook dinner with your family. 

There is also a great range of recipes and information on cooking with kids on The Kids Cook Monday site.  You may have noticed too The Kids Cook Monday gadget in the sidebar of this blog that updates every week with new recipes too. 


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