3 Finds for Friday #1

What is 3 Finds for Friday?  As I mentioned in my previous post I will be adding new features to the threefootcooks blog over the next few weeks.  This monthly feature is all about highlighting interesting, new, quirky, funny and thought provoking things I find to do with children and cooking.  So without any further ado, here is the very first 3 finds.

Find 1 - Printable Family Meal Planner from Octavia and Vicky

Printable Family Meal Planner
Photo credit: octaviaandvicky.com

This is one of those things you see and question 'why didn't I think of that'.  The graphic planner is such a great way of involving your child in planning meals and giving them a sense of responsibility.  Octavia and Vicky's writer, Kylie has designed this planner based around her daughter's favourite meals and photographs she has taken of them.  Definitely something I will look at doing in the near future with Bear and Bee. 

Find 2 - 7 Surprising Benefits of Cooking with Kids

Photo credit: blog.zak.com

While you may not find all of the benefits covered in this article surprising you will be interested to read just how much kids get from cooking with us.

Find 3 - Just for Daisy

I was going to link to one specific post on Just for Daisy but this whole blog is fantastic.  I have already made a list of Bekka's tutorials I need to work through to spruce up the threefootcooks blog.  If you write your own blog, plan on writing a blog or just want to read a great Australian blog check out this one.

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