Book Review - Mealtime by Elizabeth Verdick

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We have always maintained a routine for our family dinners.  More often than not, the whole family has dinner together every night.  As Bear and Bee are getting older and starting to express their independence there has been some challenges to this dinner routine.  Hubby and I try to expect the same things every night - everyone sits at the table (no getting up and down off the chair), try at least one bite, keep the food on the plate etc but it can be difficult when we are feeling tired or only one of us is present.

Mealtime (Toddler Tools)

Mealtime by Elizabeth Verdick is a wonderful board book that reinforces these expectations and can be read with babies, toddlers and young children.  Through colourful illustrations and familar settings children are shown that not only are meals about eating healthy they're also about good hygiene, using your manners, helping out and trying new foods.

The simple text used in the story make it easily understandable for young children and there are extra mealtime tips for parents and caregivers on the back pages.

Definitely one to add to the collection, if you have or care for young children as many families experience mealtime issues at some stage.

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