3 Finds for Friday #2

3 dolls

This post is a return to a feature that I started about this time last year and then promptly forgot to do each month. Sometimes these posts will be more regular than once a month and other times I will just stick to once a month.  It depends on what I find interesting and what I think you will find interesting too.

1. Lunch box Dad. What a great blog. This dad has so many fantastic ideas for kids lunchboxes.  I am working my way through the archives and writing a long list of ideas.  If you need inspiration for your kids lunches check out this blog.  I am definitely going to try the Frozen inspired lunch idea.

2. 40 Tips, Activities, Games and Recipes from A Mom with a Lesson Plan.  I have found a few great lists and checklists for camping in preparation for our trip on the school holidays.  Many of them I have added to our Camping Pinterest Board.  This one has so many good ideas that I wanted to highlight it.  I plan on using the collapsible bins idea for laundry and rubbish.  As well as the light up bug craft.    There are so many good ideas on this list.

3. Bee is very interested in learning how to write and do 'schoolwork' at the moment.  She loves any activity to do with her name and loves to point out her letter (the first letter of her name).  This list of 10 ideas for helping children to write their own names from Living on a Latte, will definitely come in handy.

Enjoy your weekend :)

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