M is for Menu Plan Week 2

Naan Bread

Menu Plan Week#2

Here's our menu plan for the coming week.  We encourage Bear and Bee to help with meal preparation wherever possible.  Things like setting the table with cutley and cups of water are activities they can do every night even when it's not appropriate for them to help cook.  This week Bear and Bee will be helping to make the Naan Bread to accompany the Curry.  This is something they have done before and both girls love to make and shape the dough.

Sunday       Dinner - Chicken and Cashew Stir Fry with Brown Rice
Monday      Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuesday      Dinner - Roast Chicken and Vegetables
Wednesday Dinner - Sausage Hotpot and Vegetables
Thursday    Dinner - Curry Chicken, Brown Rice and Naan Bread (Kids cooking night)
Friday         Dinner - Fish Burgers
Saturday     Dinner - Barbecue with family

You might notice that we have brown rice as a side dish on two nights this week.  I am thankful that Bear and Bee actually prefer the healthier brown rice to regular white rice so I try to include it on our weekly plan where I can.  The downside to brown rice is how long it takes to cook so we use microwavable brown rice which is much more convenient.
Morning and Afternoon Teas include – Yoghurt, Biscuits, Fruit, Crackers and Cheese, Muffins, Pikelets, Weetbix Slice, Muesli Bars and Sandwiches.

Lunches include – Meat and salad rolls, Wraps including Chicken and salad wraps (using leftover chicken from Tuesday night) and Fish finger wraps, and Sandwiches.

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