R is for Red Riding Hood and Carrot Soup


Little Red Riding Hood and Carrot Soup.  An interesting combination I know, but that is what Bear and Bee came up with today.  It is amazing how 4 year olds can take something traditional (a fairy tale), add in something modern (a tv show scenario) and mix it up to create something all of their own (hence Red delivering Carrot soup to Grandma to make her feel better).  I guess they really are cooks in the making.

Although I like them using real ingredients as often as possible, even in pretend play, I helped Bear and Bee to make some carrots out of an orange foam sheet.  We added in some small pieces of yellow paper for honey and mixed it all up in a bowl for Grandma to enjoy. 

At various times throughout the day, Bear and Bee have launched into the Red Riding Hood scenario.  Taking it in turns to play a sick Grandma lying in bed coughing, and a cheery Red Riding Hood with soup safely stashed in her basket.  Unfortunately I am stuck playing the Big Bad Wolf.  On the bright side, in our version, the wolf gets invited in to Grandma's house to share the soup.

Which fairy tales or stories do your children like to role play?

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