E is for Easter Fun

Easter Ornaments
I love the rainbow lambs in the top left corner.
 Today we finished painting the Easter Ornaments we made yesterday.  We used this idea for Baking Soda Easter Eggs from The DIY Dreamer.  They are similar to salt dough ornaments but a lot faster to cook and are very white.

The recipe for the baking soda ornaments is from Urban Bliss Life. The only change I would make to the recipe is to leave the ornaments in the oven for longer to make sure they are harder.  Maybe up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.  As long as possible without them going brown.  If you are making these in Australia the oven temperature converts to 80 degrees Celcius.

Tomorrow we will hopefully get time to make marshmallows.  I'll make the marshmallow as its not a kid friendly recipe that children Bear and Bee's age can help with.  Then Bear and Bee can help cut up the marshmallow using our Easter themed cookie cutters.  I will post photos of the results on our Facebook page.  

If you find yourself wanting to use up some of the mini easter eggs try out our Easter Surprise Muffins.

Happy Easter

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