M is for Menu Plan Week 5

Anzac Biscuits
Anzac Biscuits

I know.  It's late Tuesday night and I am only now getting round to posting our menu plan for this week.  I have a good excuse.  Well 2 good excuses actually.  Bear fractured her wrist on Sunday and Bee has come down with a high temp and stomach pains over the last 24 hours.  So I hope you'll forgive me and read on.

For this week's plan I have tried to use as many budget friendly, pantry and fridge friendly recipes as I can.  After hosting family for lunch on Easter Sunday and indulging a little over the Easter Weekend, we need to use up what ingredients we can from the pantry and fridge and try to keep the grocery shopping list to a minimum.  In an effort to eat healthier I am also going to try and include at least 1 vegetarian and 1 fish dinner each week.

So without any further ado (or excuses!) here's our menu plan for this week.

Monday Dinner - Sausages and vegetables
Tuesday Dinner - Chinese beef meatballs and noodle stir fry
Wednesday Dinner - Chicken Fried Rice
Thursday Dinner - Vegie Enchiladas
Friday Dinner - Homemade Fish Fingers, Oven baked chips and Salad (Kids Cooking Night)
Saturday Dinner - Homemade Pizzas

Morning and Afternoon Teas include - Yoghurt, Anzac Biscuits, Muffins, Crackers and Cheese sticks, Muesli Bars, Pikelets, Strawberry Yoghurt Cupcakes, Popcorn and Sandwiches.

Lunches include - Roast Lamb and Salad Pita Breads (using leftover lamb from Sunday lunch), Roast Vegie Frittata (using leftover vegies from Sunday lunch), Ham and Salad Sandwiches, Chicken and Salad Wraps and Burgers.

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