F is for Family Movie Night

 frozen heart

Bee adores family movie nights.  She selects a movie to watch, lines us up on the couch and then settles into her spot to watch the show.

Usually we watch a movie that is already showing on TV or Bee chooses one from our DVD collection.

However this time I have a surprise for her and Bear.  I had pre ordered a copy of Frozen on DVD and I was able to collect it during the week while both girls were at kindy.  

To make this family night extra special I have planned for some Frozen themed snacks.  We won't need much as it will be after dinner and it's not a party as such but a few treats will make it a lot of fun. A good way to end the week.
frozen movie food

I came up with marshmallow snowmen on sticks, blue and white m&ms, rainbow snowdrops (mini meringues) and icy popcorn (popcorn coated in icing sugar).  Simple and easy to prepare.

Now on with the show!

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