V is for Vegetable Printing

Vegetable Printing

Vegetable Printing

Bear and Bee did some vegetable printing today.  Bee had seen this activity on television and was keen to try it out.  As today is a non kindy day it was the perfect time to do it.

Vegetable printing requires very little preparation but can be messy so make sure you put plenty of paper , or a plastic sheet, over the table where you are working.

All you will need for Vegetable printing is a selection of vegetables, some paint on a tray and paper to print on.  If you would like more detailed instructions with photos have a look at this post on Garden Vegetable Printing over at No Time For Flash Cards (one of my favourite sites).

This activity is great for learning the names of different vegetables as well as looking at how different each one is on the inside.

Next time we will try using fruits like apples and pears for printing like these Apple Prints over at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

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