B is for Bright Star Kids Tshirt Review

 B is for Bright Star Kids Tshirt

Following on from our guest post, C is for Cake Stalls, over on the Bright Star Kids blog we were sent a personalised kids t-shirt by Bright Star Kids to review.  I love that I was able to choose to have a phrase on the t-shirt instead of Bear or Bee's name (or you can leave this part blank).  I am not completely comfortable for my kids to be walking around with their name advertised across their chests.  I know anyone within hearing distance when we are out and about would hear me repeat the girls' names enough (Bear come here! Bee don't pick that up! and so on) but I still don't want their names on display in public.

Anyway, enough of my stranger danger paranoia and back to the product review.  I wanted a design that complemented Bear's and Bee's love of cooking so I chose the Cheerful Cupcake design with the words 'I love to cook' underneath.

B is for Bright Star Kids Tshirt

The shirt arrived very quickly in the post from Bright Star Kids and Bee was keen to be the first one to wear it.  The cotton fabric is lovely and soft to touch which is important as most kids won't stand for anything that itches or is uncomfortable. The puff sleeve style of the girl's t-shirt makes it girly enough for Bee while still being a practical piece of clothing.  And the personalised print is bright, colourful and printed directly onto the t-shirt which makes it feel better and more hard wearing.

Overall we were very pleased with this personalised t-shirt.  My only problem now is that I have one t-shirt to share between my 2 mini-chefs.  I think I better get organised for their birthdays and order another one from Bright Star Kids!

**While we were sent this product to review we were not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**

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