T is for Travel Tucker and Our First Giveaway!

T is for Travel Tucker
1 [mass noun] Australian/NZ informal Food: what’s the best tucker for setting you up for a job?
[ early 19th century: derivative of British English slang tuck 'consume food or drink'] {Source: "tucker." oxforddictionaries.com. 2014. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com (11 June 2014).}

With kids on school holidays, or soon to be, many of us will be embarking on long trips either by car, train or plane.  The right tucker, or food, is an essential requirement to help these trips go as smooth as possible. So to help with my planning (we are going camping up the coast), and yours, I have collected some great ideas on food for children while travelling.

To help celebrate the school holidays, I have joined with some other great bloggers from the Kids Blogger Network to have three $500 cash cards to giveaway.  Yes you read that right.  Three $500 cash cards. How cool is that?  You could use the money to prepare for your next road or plane trip or even do some early present shopping.

Travel tucker

Our whole family like to snack while travelling in the car.  Not only does it help to pass the time but it can also ward off any travel sickness. We can also avoid the temptation of the fried and sugar loaded offerings at the travel stops along the way.  The right snacks are essential though.  I always include some treats like jubes and gummi bears but these are usually spaced out between trail mix, crackers and water.

Since this is our fourth longish trip already this year, I have been looking for some new travel food inspiration.  I love these ideas from some of the other Kids Blogger Network mums and dads and I hope they help you too if you are planning a trip away with the kids.

T is for Travel Tucker
 A great way to get kids excited for the trip is this Road Trip Muffin Tin Meal from JDaniel4's Mom.

T is for Travel Tucker
The Kids Activity Blog has this list of Road Trip Snacks and tips for Eating on the Road with Kids.

T is for Travel Tucker

While hubby and I like a trail mix full of nuts, seeds and carob, Bear and Bee would love this Kid-Friendly Chex Mix Recipe from Nothing If Not Intentional.  And I can get them to make it and bag it too ready for the trip.

Family Travel: Road Trip Snack Suggestions by Childhood 101 not only has a good list of snacks to take but also some suggestions on what containers to use and some things to avoid on a road trip.

Eating on the Road: Meals and Snacks is a fantastic post by Kid World Citizen on what to pack to eat on the road whether its for 1 day, many days or even internationally.

How about stopping for a picnic lunch?  In their 5 Must Have Tips for taking a road trip with kids, Your Modern Family suggests packing some sandwiches and then letting the kids run around to burn off some extra energy

If you are travelling by plane you can avoid the hit and miss nature of the onboard menu options and take some Wholesome, Homemade Food for Air Travel from Simple Bites.  This list is so good I am going to use many of the suggestions for our upcoming road trips.

What do you do if your child has food allergies and you want to travel.  Travel Mamas have some good advice on Travelling with Children who have Food Allergies.

And while this Restaurant I-Spy printable from 3 boys and a dog is not directly food related it is a good way of passing the time in the car for older children.  The printable could easily be adapted for the areas you will be driving through.

If you are planning a trip away I hope these tips help and Good Luck with the giveaway!

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  1. Great ideas! I love the muffin tins.
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  2. I like to take cookies and sandwiches for long drives, though as a children we suffered too much from car sickness to actually eat anything

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