S is for Sick Days

S is for Sick Days

Sick days were always much easier pre children. We could spend the day in bed and recover and only myself or hubby would get sick, rarely would it be both of us.

Now with kids it's one in all in.  And with Bee and Bear going to kindy they seem to bring home more bugs too.  Bear currently has a chest cold which has been hanging on for more than two weeks and over the weekend Bee has come down with her first bout of tonsillitis.

So while we haven't been doing any cooking together I have been thinking about the best food for sick kids.  I have gathered together some of my own recipes and ideas for feeding sick kids and some from fellow bloggers as well as a couple of posts on activities to do with your children when they are sick.

S is for Sick Days

The one food I could rely on as a child when I was sick was Vegemite Toast Soldiers.  Vegemite (a savoury spread) always seemed to help settle my stomach and when I was a bit older mum would make me a cup of tea to go with it.  Bee is a fan of Vegemite and I have been able to get her to nibble on Vegemite toast and Vegemite on tortilla wraps.

S is for Sick Days
I don't add parsley to the kids' soup.

Chicken Soup is a wondrous thing when you are feeling sick.  Homemade Chicken Soup is even better and it doesn't have to be complicated to make. Click on this link to download my recipe for Easy Chicken Noodle Soup.

S is for Sick Days

Homemade Yoghurt Pops are soothing on a sore throat and if you use a yoghurt with active cultures they will be good for your child if she has been on antibiotics like Bee is at the moment.

S is for Sick Days

Ginger can be calming on upset tummies.  Try having your child nibble on some cute Gingerbread People (minus the icing and decorations) if they are feeling nauseous.

S is for Sick Days

Once your child is starting to feel better try these Falafel Burgers.  Their bodies will benefit from all the extra vitamins, minerals and other goodies.

mama miss

Or if your child is happy to eat their vegetables chunky this Seven Vegetable Minestrone from Mama Miss would give them a great boost too.


This list of 8 Ways to Cope with Sick Kids from Kate at Picklebums is a good place to start.  The tips include how to keep fluids up and providing snacks to remind your children to eat.  I too have found the power of a heat pack for helping Bee with her aches and pains.

pint sized treasures

And to cheer your sick child up and keep them busy Alison at Pint-sized Treasures has 19 Activities for Sick Kids

If you have sick kids I hope this list helps. 

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