I is for Ice Cream Shop Play

Ice Cream Shop Play

Bear and Bee both love Pretend (Dramatic) Play.  Bee especially loves setting up all manner of shops selling everything from stationery supplies to pets.

Ice Cream Shop Play

One of Bee's more common requests is for an Ice Cream Shop.  I actually have a clear plastic shoe box filled with items that she can use to set up her shop.  I have similar ones for a Post Office, Pet Shop, Hairdressers and Doctor's surgery.

Initially I was inspired by these great posts from some fellow bloggers.

Learning for Kids

Imaginative Play Ice Cream Shop from Learning 4 Kids.

Pink and Green Mama

I also made a set of the super cute felt popsicles shown in the Ice Cream Sensory Box post on Pink and Green Mama.

Pre-K Pages

And the idea for a menu came from this post Dramatic Play Ice Cream Shop over on Pre-K Pages.

Ice Cream Shop Play

Then I set about gathering from our real kitchen and the play kitchen, some essential tools for an Ice Cream Shop such as:
  • an ice cream scoop
  • spoons
  • plastic containers for the various flavours
  • scrunched up tissue paper for the ice cream
  • bowls
  • cupcake liners
  • plastic sundae glasses (which I found at a second hand shop)
  • empty cake sprinkles containers
  • sauce bottles for toppings
  • toy ice cream cone set
  • and our trusty cash register.  

Ice Cream Shop Play

Add in an apron, a table, the bookshelf from our quiet reading area and some willing customers and you have a very busy Ice Cream Shop.

Ice cream Shop Play
Bee making ice creams.


If you want to extend the fun, Twodaloo also has a great tutorial to make an Ice Cream Play set and Color Matching game.


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