I is for Iced Biscuits

 Spring school holidays are upon us here in Queensland and while Bear and Bee are too small for school it does mean they are enjoying having their older cousin Angel visit for a few days.

We are been to the beach and the park, on a play date with Bear and Bee’s friends and we are going to the movies tomorrow, so today was cooking day.  And while we didn’t technically cook anything the girls did have a lot of fun – and enjoyed the end results.

I decided to go with an old standby of mine – biscuits and icing.  I bought a packet of plain sweet biscuits, made up some icing and set out a few different types of lollies.  The girls did the rest.
These iced biscuits would be a great Halloween party activity for kids.  All you need to do is use orange, white or even grey icing and Halloween themed lollies such as lolly teeth, black cats, liquorice, gummy worms etc.

Snipping marshmallows with scissors to decorate biscuits.
Scissors are handy for lots of things including snipping marshmallows.
Practicing knife skills.
Angel practicing her knife skills.
Colouring icing to decorate biscuits.
Mixing food colouring into icing (icing sugar mixture and hot water)
Decorating the biscuits.

I found the squeezy icing bottles, shown in the photo above, in a discount shop and decided to try them with Bear and Bee.  We have tried the icing tubes available in the supermarkets but the girls don’t have enough strength in their hands to make them work well.  These squeezy bottles are a bit tricky as you need to push down on them but I made the icing quite thin so it came out easily.  This meant that the designs aren’t very clear but they were still a hit and the girls were happy they could do the icing themselves.
More biscuit decoration.
Decorated biscuits are a good no bake cooking activity for kids.
Bear was very pleased with her decorated biscuits.
More decorated biscuits.
Bee also loved her decorated biscuits.
Decorated biscuits - school holiday fun.
Angel was happy wither her biscuits too.
A few more decorated biscuit designs.
A few more decorated biscuit designs.

What is your go-to school holiday cooking activity?

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