W is for Wraps

At the moment we seem to be experiencing a heat wave for spring.  With the day time temperatures unusually high for this time of year, we are already looking for light options for lunches in the threefootcook household. Bee’s reply lately to ‘what do you want for lunch’ has been chicken wraps so today I thought I would get Bee and Bear to make their own wraps.

Lunch wraps are a great recipe for children to make on their own with only a little assistance from you, mostly in the preparation stage.

I set out as many different ingredients I could think of on the kitchen bench and let each girl choose what they wanted to put on their wraps.  Bee chose peanut butter and Bear went out on a limb and chose peanut butter and sultanas!  This was actually a big step forward for Bear as both girls usually only have their bread and wraps plain with no toppings.  (By the way, Bee’s version of a chicken wrap is a crumbed chicken strip wrapped inside a plain flour tortilla).

To make wraps with your child is as easy as following five simple steps:

 Pick your wrap – flour tortilla (white, whole-wheat, rye, herb etc), corn tortilla, pita bread, lavash bread, or any other thin wrap you can find.
Spreading peanut butter onto tortilla for lunch wrap.

Spread on sauce or condiment – tomato sauce, bbq sauce, hummus, peanut butter, light cream cheese, cranberry sauce, hoisin sauce, jam, mustard, chutney, mayonnaise, yoghurt, salsa, and pesto.

Spreading peanut butter onto tortilla for lunch wrap.
Pick your fillings – ham, chicken, turkey, canned tuna, smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, leftover roast beef, falafels etc.

Add extras – lettuce, tomato, grated carrot, cheese, mushrooms, sliced capsicum, sultanas, grated apple, banana, cottage cheese, baby spinach, pickles, salad onion, coleslaw, avocado, cucumber, olives etc.
Adding sultanas to lunch wrap.
Grating carrot for lunch wrap.
Bee was just practising here - she didn't acutally want to put carrot on her wrap

Don’t overfill the wrap. Leave about 1/3 to ¼ free at the bottom to allow for easy folding. Fold and enjoy.

Some filling combination suggestions:
  • Peanut butter, sultanas, grated carrot
  • Peanut butter and banana
  • Vegemite and grated cheese
  • Chicken, tasty cheese and pesto or mayo
  • Tandoori chicken, yoghurt, tomatoes and baby spinach
  • Tuna, lettuce, sprouts and cheese
  • Turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce
  • Ham, cheese and pineapple
  • Mexican mince, salsa, capsicum, cheese and lettuce

What is your favourite lunch wrap filling?

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